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Journal for 4-Oct-2003 : Perth

We are in PERTH !!!!!

Very early start for us. A very early (5:00am) start for our fellow guests at the Hotel we stayed at as a result of me setting off the smoke alarm cooking toast.

Very misty morning along the Brand Highway. Arms covered in little droplets.

Back on the Great Northern Highway the traffic increased markedly. This is a pretty crappy road for cycling: narrow, lots of trucks and roadtrains and lots of city drivers to back them up.

Found the turnoff onto bike route NE16. The first few Ks of this road were a shocking: narrow, trucks and guttering preventing us from getting off the road if we needed to. The road soon widened out and improved for cycling, right about at the point we realised we'd missed our next turn !!!

With the navigation instructions for the bike route taped to my handlebars we managed to find our way into Perth with no worries after that. A pretty easy route after all.

Had snacks at Bayswater reserve, watching the dogs have a lot of fun running and chasing anything and everything. Perth is a beautiful city when viewed from the excellent bike path around the Swan river.

Very pleased to see Steph (Linda's sister) and even happier to start eating her food.

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