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Journal for 17-Oct-2003 : Southern Cross+53

Reluctantly left Merredin. The bed was nice and comfortable, and out legs are very, very sore.

More wheat fields, but the wheat is getting browner and shorter.

Met Aden, Sharell (husband and wife) and Rhonda who were riding around Australia (from Brisbane) because "God told us to". They had a passenger Eilish (15 months) who was born during the trip, putting a big dent in the schedule and just a few (like about a hundred!) kilos to the baggage requirements. Aden and Sharell rode a mean looking tandem (a specially designed domestic dispute if you ask me), and Eilish napped happily in the trailer. Aden claimed that cycle touring was teaching him patience. Cycle touring probably hasn't taught me patience. If I've learnt anything it's a keen interest in meterology.

Great tailwind kicked in after 11:00am.

For some reason this highway seems to carry a lot of "Golden Holden's".

Lunch at Southern Cross (a surprisingly nice little town) cafe, but we decided to push on to Yellowdine (a small roadhouse) and beyond to take advantage of the tailwind. We ditched the wheat farms about 10 or 15 Ks out of Southern Cross, and the road is now surrounded by forest and scrub. With no fences, no land holders to bother and lots of tracks leading off to the water pipeline this is ideal bush camping country.

A storm front look to chases us the last ten Ks or so. A very cold evening requiring a very warm camp fire.

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