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Journal for 16-Oct-2003 : Merredin

Nice and brisk this morning as we struggle with the concept of getting up early and going.

Slow first hour as we climbed some hills and dodged the occasional trucks and roadtrains.

The Great Eastern Highway is a pretty good road to ride. It could be wider but there isn't exactly a lot of traffic for a major highway. Every so often we pass signs: "Ribbons of Green", which we think are about a roadside revegetation program.

Took a short beak at Meckering where there is a display commemorating the 1968 earthquake which destroyed the original town. The quake registered 6.9, which made it something of a whopper. As it struck on a public holiday no-one was killed, even though the commercial district was demolished. If the 1969 version of the Meckering commercial district is anything like that in 2003 then it's easy to see why this massive earthquake caused next to no inconvenience to anyone. The photos of the originally flat countryside near at fault line are most impressive, with one side suddenly several metres above the other.

Riding through lush wheat fields (it looks like a bumper crop this year) to Cunderdin where we scoffed healthy meat pies from the friendly roadhouse (believe it or not, they do exist).

More pacey riding as we enjoy an unexpected tailwind to our lunch break at Kellerberrin. A couple of half hearted magpie attacks added to our speed.
Crossed a series of salt lakes and lots of wheat country badly affected by dry land salinity. Not to worry, there's plenty of land out here.

Getting a bit tired as we roll into Merredin at 5:30pm.

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