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Journal for 25-Oct-2003 : Caiguna+7

A very hard day today. The expected SE wind came up and made completing the 90 mile straight the psychological challenge it sounds.

I was a damn cold morning. It seemed to get light very early. The first 30 min of riding was in cold still air. Fingers like icy poles.

The headwind sprung up at 7:00am, and picked up to full strength by 7:30.

We sped past the emergency phone at 14kph. Last time it was 40! I can now say from experience that the 90 mile straight is a great place for a tailwind, but a terrible spot for a headwind. What took just less than 4 hours last time took just less than 24 hours this time.

The country opened up to grassy plains with scattered trees. Lots of wind too, again.

Saw some wedgetail eagles in a tree. Apparently these used to be really common along here, but since the Calisi virus removed most of the rabbits they are now rather rare.

Water from Caiguna rest rooms looked a bit iffy. A bit of white stuff floating in it.

A car was towed into the roadhouse. We got to chat to the owners a bit later. It turns out they were dudded by their roadside assistance organisation. Caiguna is just too far away to get help, so they were on their own!

A freezing wind camping a few Ks down the road from Caiguna roadhouse. Linda concerned I might start a bushfire with the wind still howling after dusk.

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