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Journal for 24-Oct-2003 : Balladonia+72

Took us a while to leave Fraser Range Station. Thorn checks of the tires required.

Undulating riding through forests with the expected SE adverse winds to Balladonia RH. Weather forecast for today: SE turning E. Strangely enough that also described our road course for today.

Balladonia sold us bread, but refused to give us water. Asking why not brought a tirade of all the problems they have getting water trucked from Norseman etc etc. They can spare enough precious water to fill their swimming pool, but don't have enough for pedal cyclists. In response to my incredulous look, it was added that no Nullarbor roadhouse would give us water, that no cyclists had ever been given water at that roadhouse (with the anomalous exception of us four years ago). So we might just as well turn back now. Charming.

Unfortunately got to see a shingleback lizard run over. Flashing a blue tongue does not make the caravan go wider (as I've already learned).

The main tourist attraction of this area is the old Balladonia telegraph station ruin. It's just that, a ruin. It's smashed to pieces, fenced off and covered in "keep out" signs.

The country here still has patches of Sandalwood Trees but the country is now more open with lots of salt bush (and wind).

We started the 90 mile straight to 4pm.

Dive bombed by ferocious Wattle bird. It must be a magpie hybrid.

A very cold windy night. The hard to control campfire more a necessity than a luxury.

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