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Journal for 29-Oct-2003 : Nundroo RH

Magnificent dawn as the orange sun burst across the horizon through the clouds to light up the huge expanse that is the treeless plains of the Nullarbor.

Cold riding to start with through still cold air. This is the Nullarbor proper, and the tallest thing growing is no more than 10cm high as far as they eye can see, and that's a bloody long way!

We reached the trees on the western side before any wind came up (only about 35ks thankfully), and then the sand hills started. A modest headwind from the north east kept us honest today, but with plenty of trees around it wasn't that much of a problem.

Whenever we stopped today, we were swarmed by legions of March Flies. March Flies are an unholy cross between a common fly (they buzz around and are annoying), a mosquito (they bite you to suck your blood, infect you with diseases etc) and a wasp (they're damn big!).

We suspected this might be truck day again, with the rigs heading east for the big money runs back to Perth over the weekend. But despite a roaring start (a convoy of agricultural equipment) the sand dunes outnumbered the trucks 37 to 19 to Yalata.

Lots of abandoned farms after the Yalata roadhouse.

After various methods of communication were tried (including graffiti in the Yalata phone booth) we managed to pass on the message to Linda's Parents to met us at Nundroo. Sean eventually passed on the message for us!

We beat Linda's parents to Nundroo, by only a few minutes.

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