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Journal for 30-Oct-2003 : Ceduna

Said our goodbyes to Linda's mum and dad as they generously gave us an hour's head start today. We *almost* beat them across the Nullarbor.

First couple of hours we rode into a modest NE headwind through abandoned wheat fields. Last time these fields had been ploughed and we watched a windstorm blow the topsoil everywhere. Now there is just grass and salt bush. No cows. No crops.

At our first break the wind swung around to the west (YES !!!) and we were riding the Ceduna express. We were flying again! I could hardly believe we could have the same good fortune.

The wind was slowly swinging around to SW as flew across the wheat fields. The road undulates voluptuously here, and on the crests the straight black ribbon can bee seen hugging country way into the distance in each direction.

The excellent tailwind had one very frustrating element: we couldn't outrun the flies. They kept getting under my glasses, in my bear, in my ears, in myeyes and right up my nose in every respect. With such great conditions we did something really stupid: we stopped for lunch. Thousands of anoying little things made lunch a slow and probably very unhygienic affair. By the time we were back on the road the wind was solidly from the south, making the last 5ks in particular very hard going.

Arrive in Ceduna to see a windswept little town. But it is a real town!

Gale warning for broadcast for tomorrow. I am really glad to get here today.

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