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Journal for 2-Nov-2003 : Streaky Bay

Late start thanks to complimentary breakfast. Occasional rain squalls kept us honest, and dressed in plastic.

Lots of wind today. It started from the east, turned south east, then from the south. Just like our road today.

Saved three shinglebacks today. They really are hard to convince to get off the road.

Approaching Streaky we passed the town racecourse. There wasn't a nag to be seen anywhere (just 2 bored camels in the neighbouring paddock), but there was still a well lubricated crowd on hand. They were gathering to watch the Caufield cup in Melbourne on TV.

Last 8ks into Streaky rather hard. Every time we changed course, the wind seemed to change to match.

I suppose I should give some sort of description of the country around here. There is lots of agriculture, exclusively wheat or sheep. The fields are all yellow, with just a hint of green. The hills are low, and the water in streaky bay very shallow. It's very pretty, but there is a lot of it!

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