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Journal for 3-Nov-2003 : Wudinna

Difficult riding to start with. The first 8ks backtracked our route into Streaky. This morning the wind was 180 degrees different to yesterday afternoon. So it was right in our faces again.

Kangaroos were grazing by the road this morning, then bounding all over the road in front of us. They really are stupid.

The first of the small towns we rode through this morning is called Piednippie (not piednipple - a special type of fruit). It has a huge solid stone community hall, a footy and cricket oval, manicured tennis courts (emphasis on the plural - there were four) a grand stand, change facilities etc. The only thing this town doesn't have is any houses. 27ks up the road Chandada also boasts a similar excellent array of sporting facilities. And this place even had one (no more) permanent household! No one can accues us Aussies of not loving our sport.

Made it to the highway at Poochera, which we did a tour of (didn't take long) in a futile attempt to find a public toilet.

One of the reasons we went this way instead of via Port Kenny is that the Port Kenny to Wudinna road has only recently been sealed, and as a modern sealed road it's probably got a rather rough surface. The highway here has been widened to the width of a normal two lane road. The left most metre of the road has been paved over the bare earth without any preparation (other than watering it and allowing the trucks to make a few pot holes and corrugations). It was insanely rough.

Met half a couple of cyclists who are crossing Australia in a novel way. One partner rides 60ks in the morning, the other follows in the campervan. Then at lunch time they switch roles. Together they will have cycled across Australia, but they won't have ridden apart.

Very tired when we reached Wudinna (as in "David, Wudinna put out the garbage!").

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