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Journal for 5-Nov-2003 : Pt Augusta

After 15ks this morning we ditched the wheat fields (at last) and enjoyed some very nice cycling through the Gilles Lake Conservation area. In fact the cycling was sensational! This is really nice bush.

After 80ks or so the scrub thinned out, more spinifex and salt bush and less real trees. By the time we reached Iron Knob there were no trees, just lots of
Salt bush.

Across the western agricultural belt of South Australia (does that make sense?) we have passed through some really nice little towns. Iron Knob wasn't one of them. It has the desolate look of a lot of remote Australian towns: red dust, no grass, dilapidated buildings and a vicious dog barking from every address for security. Everything loose seemed to be needed to be tied/locked/chained down, even the water tank at the town Post Office cum Tourist Info. When the cleanest, most modern and by far the most impressive building in town is old roadhouse, you know the prospects aren't looking good!

The last 70ks to Pt Augusta wern't quite so enjoyable. A stiffening warm Northerly head/cross wind picked up. We didn't see a tree for hours. And once we reached the Whyalla turnoff the attitude of the traffic switched from country to city. Pt Augusta could be seen 20km away. That 20km took us an hour and a half. Very happy to be in PA.

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