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Journal for 4-Nov-2003 : Kimba

Fast riding for the first 10ks down to Kynacutta, but it was all downhill from there. Actually, there was rather a lot of uphill. The builder's of this road clearly subscribed to the idea that a straight road is a flat road. And a road that goes straight to the top of each hill is a flat road with good views.

Saved another very reluctant shingleback.

Hot northerly winds today. We drank quite a bit of water. More forecast for tomorrow (which is a bummer as these will be headwinds). A change is due too, which I'm looking forward to - so long as it doesn't rain too much.

Kimba is a (another) small SA town with one pub, one supermarket, a roadhouse etc. It is also home to "the big Galah", but I thought it imprudent to ask who it was.

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