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Journal for 13-Nov-2003 : Kingston SE

The road along this last bit of the Coorong is flatter with more wind protection, so we made pretty good time to Kingston SE.

During our first break Linda needed to pop behind the bushes. No sooner than she had disappeared when a (very) startled deer popped out of the bushes, saw me, and completely panicked, running out near the road, then back into the scrub.

For a refreshing change we had almost half an hour of tailwind as we approached Kingston SE. There were little insects leaping out of the wheat and cow fields everywhere, getting stuck in the sun screen on my arm hair. By the end of the riding I looked like a spider web.

Stopped at a rather dilapidated Larry the Big Lobster on the way into town. Like every other tourist, we took a photo, then wondered why.

Kingston SE is in a beautiful spot next to the sparkling Southern Ocean. It's not often you hear it described like that, but today the Southern Ocean was indeed calm, blue and sparkling. I think that's our queue for a day off.

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