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Journal for 14-Nov-2003 : Kingston SE

A great day off. We (eventually) got out of bed and wandered around town, sorting out our mail and a few things like that.

We walked around the town's rather weedy looking parks on the bike track and shops. Everyone seems to know everyone else on a first name basis.

We wandered out to the jetty across the kelp beach to the calm clear waters that are (somewhat unbelievably) the Southern Ocean. It looked so nice we went for a swim ourselves, the first time we'd *ever* swum in the Southern Ocean. It was wonderful, clam, clear and surprisingly warm, at least in the top 5cm. It was only cut short by half the town's teenage population deciding to go spear fishing where we were swimming.

In fact, this is the closest we've come to finding the fictional Sea Change town Pearl Bay. The jetty even has Diver Dan's boat shed.

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