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Journal for 26-Nov-2003 : Lorne

A clear morning greeted us today, a day of extremes in many ways.

There was magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful forests and glistening blue oceans. There was also hills, headwinds and a crappy rough road surface. There were some really careful drivers (thanks guy's, much appreciated), and some reckless indifference (up your's *#@^ head) that pretty much spoiled much of my day. I can tell you, the scenery has to be bloody good to make up for dealing with people deliberately trying to kill me.

The Great Ocean road here is extraordinarily beautiful. It twists and winds around sheer cliffs just metres from the ocean. And it's not just a few Ks like this, it stretches for nearly 100km in this way along the coast here. When people aren't driving on the wrong side of the road straight at you, it's a lot of fun.

Got a caravan park cabin at Lorne. A pair of small birds had built a nest right over the door.

Lorne is Melbourne's playground. There is a beautiful white sand surf beach and thousands of holiday flats all with a view of the ocean, mountains, or both. Rain, hail or shine the beach is always full or Victorians who seem to think +17C is stinking hot. There is a promenade of a main street where the local posers can strut and cruise about in front of other like-minded souls. However this week is "schoolies" week, where thousands of 17 year olds gather to see who can consume the most alcohol and/or fornicate. They were only outnumbered by the English, who can now be identified (in addition to their bare lilly white skin) by the rugby balls they are ineptly throwing about.

Met a couple of young Aussies touring Adelaide to Melbourne.

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