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Journal for 1-Dec-2003 : Traralgon

Late start as discovered Linda's front wheel's cone nuts were loose, pitted, long with the hub. Bummer.

Finally got under way and rode down the wide but rough shoulder of the freeway (signs banning bikes formerly covered over). Kept disappearing at the small towns.

Gave up on the freeway and instead went for the back roads. Again these back roads were about as quiet as an AC/DC concert. Hilly too. And road works.

Both Linda and I have had shocking hay fever the past few weeks. Every third ad on TV here is for hay fever medication, and tomorrow we're going to try out their products.

After we got such a late start we thought better of trying to ride over 100km after lunch, and stopped off at Traralgon instead.

This is the La Trobe Valley, Victoria's energy producing area. The ground here is full of dirty brown coal that gets burned in whopping great power stations that are a rather distinctive feature of the landscape around here. Linda was a bit perturbed by the docile cows grazing naively at the base of these behemoths. I had to point out they were not nuclear or radioactive, just dirty.

We're both getting a bit worn down. We seem to be making frustratingly slow progress, and it seems like ages since we had a real rest day. So we decided to have a day off tomorrow, until we found out 3500 "Great Victorian Bike ride" will arrive tomorrow. Most of them are camping at the show ground, the rest are taking up our space in our caravan park.

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