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Journal for 4-Jan-2004 : Cooma

First four hours to Nimmitabel very hard today, and we managed only 50km. The hills seemed to get steeper and steeper. At one point it seemed bits of the road were falling down the slope. As we crested the top of that little gem the riding hardly got any easier. A scorching hot northerly wind was screaming across the plains making things very difficult indeed.

At Nimmitabel every roadside business was open, cashing in on the thousands of tourists driving back to Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne on this the last day of the Christmas New Year holiday period.

Linda and I just missed running over a Blue tongue lizard, which for some reason decided it would be a good idea to bolt across the road and jump under our wheels.

A cool change of sorts (cool wasn't quite the description, more like "not quite as hot") brought some high cloud cover and a change in wind direction. Also, it was mostly downhill from Nimmitabel to Cooma.

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