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Journal for 5-Jan-2004 : Canberra

Words can't describe how difficult today was. At least words not starting with f. There was no flat road at all. We were either climbing or descending, and there was a hot dry northerly wind blasting us all day long.

At our lunch break I was lying exhausted on the ground, watching big black ants struggling - not always successfully - to avoid being blown off the face of the earth. Then the lull stopped, and a mild (by today's standards) gust blew them all to Antarctica.

I've ridden the Monaro Highway four times now, been driven along if five times and flown over it twice. This is the first and only time the country has actually looked green. And then it's not an Irish green either, it's a beigey brown with just a khaki tinge.

Riding became easier once into Canberra proper, probably because we'd run out of water by then. My favourite bike path around Canberra's centre piece: a fake lake, was rather barren and unappealing. The forests of pine burned in last years bush fires have been chopped down and replaced with forests of weeds.

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