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Journal for 10-Jul-2003 : Carmila

A foggy and overcast morning. Lots of condensation about.

As we started riding, the sun came out. Sweaty first session as we needed our arm and leg warmers to stop getting sunburned.

Great riding for the first 2 hours. Too much fun to stop, so rode on till lunchtime! Averaged 25kph with great roads and great tailwinds.

Smelly lunch stop at rest area where they were working on the septic toilet system. Sea Breeze spoiled the tailwind party after lunch.

Clairview has a caravan park right on the beach (and highway and railway). It looked rather appealing, except the tide was going out. 4km out at last report.

Rode on to Carmila, where the cane fields have started again. Country is starting to look greener and a touch more tropical.

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