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Journal for 9-Jul-2003 : Marlborough

Good riding today. The traffic is lighter, the road and country have opened up so there are no serious hills, but it's not completely flat either. Also, the weather is now nice and warm, even in the mornings. None of this <+10C rubbish. Best of all, the tropical SE tailwind has kicked in!

Lots of birds at the rest area at Yaamba.

Saw a fire truck head off in our direction, and an ambulance head back towards rocky.

Got a great display of low flying in F-111 fighter-bombers attacking the hills in the Shoalwater Bay. Roadhouse at Kunwarara very popular with the truckies. Big burgers. In fact the roadhouses (every 30-60km) seem to compete with each other by the size of their burgers.

Reached Marlborough well be fore dusk today. In the town we saw the RACQ guys lug in a pretty well demolished caravan into the repair shop, next to the seriously beat up four wheel drive that probably belonged to it.

Camped at the caravan park and ate at the "motel" restaurant, which left a bit to be desired. Might have been better if so many people hadn't turned up at once.

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