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Journal for 14-Jul-2003 : Proserpine

Late start as got up late (we thought it was raining) we bade our farewells. First 15km back to the Highway took over an hour as we battled into the southerly gale. Great fun riding as we changed heading and rode with the wind again.

The scenery today was magnificent. Nice (subtly) rolling country that only threatened to be dull in the long flats surrounded by sugar cane fields. However beyond the sugar cane were endless lines of magnificent mountains.

The wind was great, the highway nice and wide but the surface was really shocking in a lot of places. Not broken, just really coarse chips in the chip seal. Still, the for the most part the riding was easy, and we made Proserpine well before dusk. We were also surprised to learn we managed a 300m climb along the way, but I seem to have missed that.

We copped our fist magpie attack today. Down south it's still too cold for these black and white merchants of evil to breed, but here in the tropics it's breeding season. Males will aggressively attack any animal of any size that dares to come too close to his nest. After bashing me on the back of the helmet, he went after Linda. A swipe of Linda's arm deferred his the bombing run, but he high-tailed it back to the nest after Linda revealed her secret weapon: an armed and loaded bicycle pump.

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