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Journal for 15-Jul-2003 : Home Hill

Woke (relatively) early thanks to alarm clock, a first for this trip.

Great scenery near Conway Range National Park. These mountains will be welcome additions to Whitsunday group of islands with just a few degrees of global warming. The cane fields we rode through will become Australia's next fishery.

We wondered how much the cane fields broke the wind. After 20ks we found out: quite a bit. Most of the morning was spent cracking along at 30 clicks before our first stop at the Bowen "Big Mango". This is little more than a rest stop with mango slurpies for sale, but it has a sensational view over Edgecumbe Bay to Gloucester Island.

A complete lap of the Bowen airport was required before heaps more fast riding to Guthalungra rest area/roadhouse, with equally sensational scenery. This is still quite arid looking, and sparsely treed. In a day of firsts, this was our first 100 before lunch. Mind you, the tail-wind made scoring that hundred feel like it was against the Bowen under 7s.

Highway narrowed a bit. We got run off the road by a series of trucks passing each way. We ducked off the road and straight into a patch of thorns. I spent the next hour plucking about 50 odd thorns out of out tyres. I'm expecting some flats tomorrow.

Late arrival at Home Hill, as the locals started setting fire to the cane fields. The sky turned brown and ash and partly burnt sugar cane started falling from the sky.

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