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Journal for 18-Jul-2003 : Townsville (Magnetic Island)

Today we caught the ferry to Magnetic Island and walked out to "West Point" along what our map marked as a walking track. Magnetic Island is a large granite outcrop and has some very pretty beaches we last visited in 1995. So this time we walked up the less popular western side of the island. While the map marked this as a walking track, it was in fact a bitumen and then good dirt road. The bikes would have been quite useful.

After two hours of hiking we reached the beach and were greeted by an unusual warning sign. In addition to the usual warnings of the dangers of Marine Stingers, Sharks, Crocodiles, Stone Fish, Cone Shells, Snakes yada yada yada, beach goers were also warned to beware of air to surface missiles. The waters just north of this spot are used by the military for testing these high tech weapons. As if the warning wasn't enough, the sign went on to threaten beach users interfering with air to surface missiles might attract a $500 fine.

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