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Journal for 19-Jul-2003 : Ingham

Late start as a result of having access to cable TV the night before.

Back Hoe operator guided us out of town. Lots of fast riding with more great gusty tailwind on nice smooth motorway standard roads without the "no bikes" signs. This soon gave way to rough bumpy highway shoulder.

Detoured to Paradise water hole up on Crystal Creek (up a sandy dirt road), where we were attacked by a rug. Went for a really nice swim, dodging the rocks and submerged logs. Also ate lunch there too, in a goanna's picnic area.

Passed a townlette called Toobanna (as in Onebananna, Toobanna, Threebannana, Four ...)

Motivation to get to Ingham a bit down after that. Saw an owl on a street lamp after dark walking back from dinner.

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