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Journal for 20-Jul-2003 : Innisfail

Delayed by a very long cane train leaving Ingham.

Fast tailwind riding till the climb (something of a rarity on this road) to the Hinchinbrook Channel lookout. Hinchinbrook island looks magnificent, even if the top half is covered in mist. I've only successfully photographed the top of Mt Bowen (Hinchinbrook Island's highest mountain over 100m tall and perpetually shrouded in it's own clouds), and then the film in the camera broke :-(.

A well earned break at my favourite spot on the Queensland coast: Cardwell. The controversial Port Hinchinbrook resort/marina/property development appears not to be going as well as it might have, and (thankfully) Cardwell remains largely unchanged, for now.

Long stretches of narrow floodway road into Tully. Met up with a French cycle tourist, who had ridden from Sydney too (but also overland from France to Singapore via Mongolia!!) Kids at the pinball arcade laughed at my ignorance of the fact Tully's main street has concrete blocks placed as obstacles for no obvious reason.

Lots of traffic and sugar trucks as we headed to Innisfail, and lots of bouncing along on. Innisfail and Tully both claim to be Australia's wettest town. Appropriately it started raining as we approached Tully, and we enjoyed showers on and off for the rest of the day. The weather patterns over Australia have been remarkably consistent over the past few weeks, and this has brought fine (if a bit windy) weather to most of the Queensland coast, but has seen Innisfail cop regular bucketings.

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