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Journal for 3-Aug-2003 : Karumba

Tried to organise a commercial tour out to Lawn Hill NP (150ks of dirt each way, 4x4 or mountain bike required), but these were all cancelled because of the Mt Isa Rodeo. Don't ask me what that has to do with it, but there you go.

So we made a late start and rode out to Karumba on the coast. The riding was into the wind to start with, surrounded by typical savanna grass and light eucalypt woodlands. Headwind to start with, but then tailwind as our heading changed around.

As we got closer to the coast the trees disappeared, replaced by grassland and slat flats. There was only 35kms of this, and this country obviously gets swamped out during the frequent cyclones and storm surges.

Icy slurpies on the veranda at Karumba almost made up for not being able to swim.

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