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Journal for 4-Aug-2003 : Karumba

Great to have a day off the bikes. We spent a lazy day checking out the barra farm, and also checking out the whistling kites trying to pluck the odd dead fish out of the river. We also saw a sea eagle after these fish too. This is the sea eagle's natural habitat, but the kites were having none of it. Whenever the sea eagle showed up, a swarm of kites ditched their amaturish fishing attempts the chase the pro away.

Karumba has half the permanent population of Normanton, but four times the industry. This is a big refuelling and service centre for the Gulf of Carpentaria fishing fleet, and is the port for the Pasminco Century Zinc mining operation. But tourism is also a major industry, and the biggest attraction is not the azure waters (and they really are azure), but fishing for the Barramundi that live in them. My expertise in this field does not extend beyond "I'll have my barra grilled thanks". However, it's extremely popular. So popular a Barramundi farm exists to supply the council with enough fingerlings to replace the ones caught by all the recreational anglers.

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