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Journal for 21-Aug-2003 : Elliott

With the prospect of adverse winds again today we got a very early start, on the road before dawn. But the wind was gushing from the north (very unseasonal) even before sun-up. It took nearly four hours to make the short hop to Renner Springs. Fantastic scenery though, with black cockatoos squawking at as and brolgas dancing by the Helen Springs turnoff.

We met up with Alan and Isabelle. An Aussie (French born) and his French wife enjoying their honeymoon riding from Europe to Australia. They had the wind with them today.

We managed to herd up a flock of nearly 50 black cockatoos, who collectively couldn't quite work out the direction to get away from us was not straight down the road. We did a similar thing to a crazy emu that darted about as randomly as he was ineffective at escaping the clutches of a couple of cyclists.

We rested under a tree mid afternoon. By late afternoon the wind seemed to die off, so we cycled off to see how close to Elliot we could get. Lots of fun and very fast riding followed (views over the distant dry lake Woods), as we almost made this sad excuse for a town before dark. We hammered along at over 30kph (without wind or gravity assistance) for the last 20km. It's amaizing just how motivating the approaching dusk can be!

Learned that someone had rolled his car and killed himself on the Barkly Highway the day we got to the Barkly roadhouse. On a road that sees less than 50 cars a day, there had already been 6 fatalities this year.

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