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Journal for 22-Aug-2003 : Dunmarra

Northerly blowing before dawn again, and even stringer today.
Tough riding, due to heat and headwinds. Felt like the Wedgetail Eagle saoring above us was laughing at me.

Elliot still visible 1.5 hours after leaving town.

Nice scenery prior to the George Redmond crossing, but only three bends in the road prior to that.

Linda and I periodically biting each other's heads off. A very discouraging day. Not even any last hour heroics as the wind simply didn't die off at all this afternoon. All very discouraging.

It felt a lot cooler in the late afternoon when we reached the Dunmarra roadhouse. The temperature gauge showed it was down to 34C in the shade. By 9pm it had dropped to a chilly 29C.

A nice swim and surprisingly good vegi-burgers at the Dunmarra roadhouse. However I'm so tired I just collapes in the tent.

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