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Journal for 6-Jun-03 : Killara

With 11am final inspection of the unit, we awoke with only "some" cleaning to do. Linda's mum had done a great job of the kitchen, except for the higher bits which were left for me. It turned out these higher bits had never been cleaned, and were now caked on sticky, greasy blah. All done cleaning by 10:30, which left just enough time to move our take-with us possessions moved from a pile in the living room to a pile on the driveway.

After filling all the panniers to the brim, we had 4 more panniers worth of things left over. For some reason I had decided 8 was the minimum number of pairs of socks to take, plus lots of extra clothes we didn't really need. Linda tactfully suggested I wash all the clothes, and they'd fit in for sure. A quick trip to the laundromat, post office to mail "home" some (more) excess items, and (most importantly) the self-storage units resulted in all our remaining gear inside our modest carrying capacity. Tragically there was no room left for any food.

So, ready to go at the crack of 3:30. That left us less than an hour and a half of daylight to do a four hour ride. The prospect of learning to handle our overloaded bikes in city traffic while navigating a route I don't really know and had filed the maps for in the dark, we did the cycling equivalent of asking Scotty to beam us up. We caught the train.

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