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Journal for 23-Aug-2003 : Larrimah

The wind still blowing strongly today, but more from the west in anticipation of the southerly change that is way overdue. The trees are taller now, so there is a bit more cover and we managed a bit more speed to the Hi-Way Inn.

The Hi-Way Inn roadhouse is greatly improved on previous visits. There is a nice new shady verandah, it's been painted, the grass mown, and the pool has been cleaned to the point you could even swim in it!

The Dingo Hill rest area is as dead as the dingo by the road here. The NT roads people have been removing a lot of the rest areas from the Stuart Highway, and replacing them with "truck only" parking bays. The rest areas have become defacto caravan parks, and get so full of vans that they no longer provide a place for truckies to pull over and take a break if they have to. Not that they ever do.

The country here is drier and the grasses shorter and browner than I remember. I don't know if it's just later in the year, or they didn't get much of a wet last summer (so short grass) or my memory is just faulty.

Several huge oversized loads on the road trains passed us today. Get off the road! The road train might miss us, but the blades of the huge bulldozers it's carrying might not.

We didn't bother stopping at the Alexander Forrest memorial open air toilet (there is nowhere much else for drivers to stop on this stretch) this year. There is lots of new fencing here too which might improve things.

More headwinds to our much needed lunch rest stop where we did battle with March flies. With more taller trees and the road snaking about for no apparent reason the wind isn't bothering us so much now. Maybe we're just getting used to it.

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