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Journal for 4-Sep-2003 : Halls Creek

Not so much wind this morning, but enough hills though.

We got an early start but it was very cold this morning, requiring us to ride in arm and leg warmers.

Plucked 7 thorns from our tyres after leaving camp this morning.

More hard riding, but compensated for by the scenery. Lots of newly re-laid road and patched (yuk).

Some more wildlife today, scaring a bustard bird at dawn (these guys like to roost on the ground - often near the road - and burst into the air when a passing cyclist causes them to panic) and a wedgetail eagle watching us from
the trees.

We pulled into a new rest area (a recently bypassed floodway) for a break, and put the bikes safely on the cement next to the picnic table. There were all these pebbles, which we later discovered were thorn seeds, each with three or for tyre piercing thorns extending from them. We carried the bikes back to the road, and removed seven thorns from the tyres. After riding another fifty metres across the bypassed floodway we'd accumulated four more.

Halls Ck is still a rough town. Barbed wire, high fencing and seriously vicious dogs guarding some rather modest looking buildings. If the riding over the hills hadn't been so hard, or we though we could carry three days water, we'd be on our way to Fitzroy Crossing tonight, but it's Halls Ck for us.

Met up with Jochim again. Also met Phil, a hard bitten Kiwi (a veteran of riding the Tanami desert rd) Cairns to Broome including a whole bunch of dirt road in the gulf country. He'd hitched a lift (sacrilege!!) from Kununurra over those hills.

The long-range forcast is for headwinds. Bummer.

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