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Journal for 5-Sep-2003 : Halls Creek+191

Scary night, with lots of drunks fighting outside the pub.
Cold morning, arm and leg warmers required again.
Beautiful morning. Even Halls Ck looks nice.
The Easterly wind picked up at 7:30 and we were flying.
Very scenic again today, but the hills are getting further away.
More Wegetails by the road.
Great fast riding to Mary Pool (d:109 t:4:04). I think we were faster last time, but that was because last time I fixed two thorn punctures in the first 10km, giving the tailwind time to come up.
Met Phil again at Mary Pool, with word of others behind us. Cleaned fresh bird poo off Linda's jersy. We passed up an offer of ice and a cold soft drinks to get back on the road after. It's easy to get stuck at Mary Pool!

We pushed on from Mary Pool (too far to Fitzroy crossing in a day). Stopped by the road after a good session of fast riding, but not really enough shade and it's pretty hot. Phil flew past us.

Back on the road we passed Phil, taking his break under a really nice shady tree. We rode slowly to allow him to catch up then rode together chatting as we went, mostly about mutual cycling acquaintances.

It took us a while to find a camp site, trolling for more than half an hour. Not such a great spot either, being dusty and viney.

A cold evening again, but due to lack of space we camp without the fly. Another brave decision!

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