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Journal for 6-Sep-2003 : Fitzroy Crossing

Another cold morning. Too cold for me, and slept into 5:30.
Track to Ngumbar cliffs lookout very sandy (bike tyres sink too deep into it to move). No sign of Phil.

Great scenery and fast riding downhill with the wind. But the NE kicked in as our heading changed, so tough into the wind riding for the last 70ks.

Not much shade and not that much scenery approaching Fitzroy Crossing.

Beautiful Brolgas (in flight) and a Jabiru as we crossed the Fitzroy river bridge (a scary one lane affair).

Fitzroy Crossing still looks quite rough, but without the violence of Halls Creek. We just made it to the supermarket before early Saturday close.

We met Phil and Gorrin (the Flying Dutchman we'd been hearing in front of us) at the campground. They'd beaten us into the Crossing but had lazed about and missed out on getting their shopping done.

We learned Neil had met a woman travelling in a van alone. She has agreed to take him to Perth, and travel with him as long as he liked. Now why don't I get offers like that?

Ironically today was harder than yesterday, even though it was only half the distance.

Nice dinner at the caravan park bistro.

To everyone's surprise and delight Jochim rolled into right on sunset.

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