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Journal for 8-Sep-2003 : Willare Bridge+72

4:00am wakeup and on the road early.

Amazingly foggy morning. Condensation everywhere after a few ks of riding. On my bike, glasses, arms, legs and beard. We are 200km from the ocean! A kangaroo darted across the road, but we hardly saw him.

Flat fast riding, no wind yet.

Scrubby country, rubber vine country, jungly in places. That bloody rubber vine is the only plant that grows absolutely everywhere!!

Hot NW head wind came up 20km prior to the Derby turnoff.

I enjoyed a shower at Willare Bridge, in the not so clean shower recess.

Phill turned up an hour after we got there, looking pretty buggered.

Very hot afternoon leaving the roadhouse. It was a pleasant 27C when we turned up, and 34C when we left.

A very long flood plane as we crossed the lower Fitzroy river. The water coveres the road at 15m. Lots of wildlife in the overflow ponds, including a few small crocodiles.

Long gentle climbing to the rest area. The rest areas here are surrounded by barbed wire to keep the caravaners in their cages. This one was a glorified parking lot.

I marked my rim's crack with a texter, then bashed my head on the rail of the picnic table shelter. It really hurt, and left me with cracking headache. It felt like someone had thrown a bottle at my head from a moving car (but without the helmet).

At the rest area the wind spectacularly turned around. After 4 days we had a tailwind at last! We responded to this by riding 3km and camping up the first fence-line track we found.

We set up the bike fly to make some shade and waited till sunset. Just on dusk a strong SW change brushed through. So much for the tailwind.

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