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Journal for 9-Sep-2003 : Broome

Early start again, and again the mist and condensation from the sea air cooling over land. In fact we rode for 2.5hrs under the cover of mist with little or no wind, only breaking to make way for huge mine tip truck tippers (complete with police escort).

More thick scrub, and really tall rubber vine. The soil is very dusty and very very red.

The W/SW soon came up with the sun (eventually), and we plodded painfully along the boring final sand dunes (10km from crest to crest) till we reached Broome. It took what seemed like an age before we could see that good light in Broome.

Traffic is picking up. No more waves from the passing vehicles, just sour looks from impatient drivers in hire cars. These people have yet to learn how much patience is needed to travel Northern Australia by road!

Very happy to be half way around, and that this marathon leg (which was *supposed* to have tailwinds is over.

Checked my rim's crack. It's already quite a bit longer. Bummer. Ah well, there are 35 other spokes holding the wheel together!

Swim in the pool at the lodge very greatly appreciated.

Anyway, sorry there aren't enough jokes in the past few days logs. It's been quite hard work and I'm quite tired. And I have a long overdue appointment with my anti-dandruff shampoo.

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