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Journal for 29-September-2004 : Sydney

Flight from Paris to Singapore went OK, other than a few bumpy moments as we flew through a brewing thunder storm approaching Signapore.

Singapore's Changi airport has a well deserve reputation for niceness and efficiency. I even got to watch my bike being carefully (impressively carefully) loaded onto the aircraft.

Takeoff was delayed by a cracking tropical thunderstorm, which we ended up taking off into anyway. This resulted in a few breathless moments as the engines suddenly whined and our aircraft's passengers experienced some brief, but still terrifyingly long zero gravity moments!

Arrived late in Sydney to find it bucketing with rain and howling with wind. Again I got to see the Sydney Airport baggage handlers deal with my bike. Airport luggage trolleys have rails to stop the baggage falling off. But when you stack two bikes flat on top of all the other luggage, then go from 0 to 70kph in under 2 seconds, then hang a left past the right wing the top bike is prone to to be smashed at great speed onto the tarmac.

Made it to railway station and then hotel to sleep off the jet lag ... hopefully.

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