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Journal for 1-October-2004 : Kiama

After spending a day trying (unsuccessfully it must be said) to recover from our jet lag, we were kicked out of our hotel and headed over to Linda's brother's place to dump our bike with them.

The fact that it was bucketing with rain was only part of the unpleasantness. I soon discovered the spill the baggage handlers had delivered to my bike had made a significant impact: my brakes no longer worked!

This meant the easy 5k ride from Chatswood train station turned into a 3k hike through the wind and the rain and the cold. The last k or two were flat enough to safely (well, sort of) to cycle.

We got top meet our new nephew Liam!

After a shower and anther look at the weather, we headed back to the train station then off to my Dad's place at Kiama by train. I have no idea how muchof my life has been wasted sitting on a slow Sydney train, but obviously not enough to remember just how slow they can be! Kiama is about 6 hours riding from Sydney by bike. This train ride took us nearly 4 hours, arriving in the dark, and very very late.

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