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Journal for 29-Aug : Moose Meadows

Starting to learn to sleep through the daylight in the tent.

All plugged up this morning, too much Immodium yesterday.

Nice yummy Swedish bun for breakfast, and morning tea.

Tailwind even stronger today, so some easy riding. About 20ks of my route turned out to be on a paved forestry road. Very undulating, lots of trees (to shield the tailwind) and lots of tight technical bends with a slightly loose surface. It might have slowed me down a bit, but boy was it a lot of fun!

Country very pretty. More forest than farms (much more), with lovely lakes dotted with wooden cottages. For some reason all the cottages are painted the same tuscan red colour.

Had to ride ~2km of terrible (for bikes) freeway. Only one lane, no shoulder and guard rails down both sides for most of it. i knew there was a neighboring normal road i could use, if I could get to it. I figured I could just wheel my bike through the bush, and if that wasn't possible simply turn round and go a longer way. But .... 500m in the road got awful, and the crash barriers prevented me from turning around and a big security fence stopped me escaping any other way.

Found my way to the tourist office at Oskarshamn without any dramas. Sent some stuff (mostly German maps) home when I realised I'd be hitting Finland on the weekend, but before I realised I would probably run short of Swedish Krona.

Cycled to the ferry terminal and started eating my shopping. Grateful when it opened (I could at last have a pee). The bad news is today is the special cargo run, and regular passenger numbers are restricted. So I have to turn up at 7 and hope for a cancellation.

Cycled out to the town "beach". Teenagers leaping off a diving board into the Baltic. I went for a swim/wash myself, and found out why no-one with a ticking heart was swimming laps.

And the women of Sweden seem to be back to normal looking, even at the beach. Maybe I'm the one back to normal.

Rest day.

Met cyclists Bruno (Swiss) & Nuno (Portugal) heading in my direction. B heading for Vancouver , N for Argentina !

The had altometres, which said the pass I crossed in the rain yesterday was 1050m, and this camp site is at ~800m.

Clouds and rain disappeared to show snow fell overnight, below the height of the pass I crossed.

Got onto the standby list for the ferry on the 6th.

Location amazingly beautiful. Dozed off to sleep trying to think of ways of describing how wonderful this place looks.

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