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Journal for 18-Sep : Garberville

Slept super solidly for 8hrs straight.

Washed pretty much everything, got it all out on the clothes line and BANG, thunder and lightning.

Decided to get a cheap (relative everything in Norway that is) cabin, and got almost everything packed and inside before the rain hit.

After the rain (Alta seems to have generally fine sunny weather, but gets hit by daily thunderstorms) I cycled up to the city centre to use the free internet at the library, and buy some bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap proved particularly difficult to find as the local post office didn't have any, suggested a post office was a silly place to ask, and when I got them to write down the Norsk term for it, that no-one else understood. I eventually found some: at another post office.

Tried for the public library. It closes at 2pm over summer.

Actual D:132
Actual T:6:05
Estimated D:70.5
Estimated T:3:15

First out of the campground, the prairie liberally decorated with knee high mist.

Nearly crashed into an Elk at Prarie Elk, clearly very used to cyclists.

Narrow highway in places till the Trinidad turnoff, good bay views and a beautiful morning.

Interesting detour through dairy country to Arcata, once I found it.

Good wide freeway shoulder into Eureka. Overshot the AAA office, but once there got a good assortment of maps so I'm no longer 100% reliant on the LP guide book.

A light misty sort of rain/spray dusted Eureka as I was leaving - panniers and belly overflowing with food.

More fast freeway riding with solid tailwind to the Fernbridge turnoff. Even better back road riding, average up to 23 until Grizly Buff Rd started 1km 10% up, 1km 10% down, 1km 10% up, etc. Average fell back to 21.5.

On the last wild downhill I hit some serious bumps, and checked my panniers were still properly attached at the bottom - surprisingly they were.

Scotia a beautiful little town, built almost entirely out of redwood timber. The museum was once a bank, built in the greek style with huge towering pillars supporting the magnificent entry. But these mighty pillars are not marble, they are solid Californian redwood trunks, and it looked all the more solid for it.

Left the bike unattended for ages trying to find somewhere to have a pee.

Called home, then discovered I'd "lost" my bike computer! Probably the most critical piece of kit! Spent an hour searching the town, my bags, and everything else with no success. Apart from my speed (invaluble during descents), I use it to navigate, but most importantly it's my time of day clock.

Leaving town I noticed my rear panniers were loose, and had come off their rack. Given I checked them 5ks before, now deeply suspicious my computer was nicked, and someone tried to nick my panniers too, but couldn't figure out how to remove them. Either that or I just didn't check them properly.

Magnificent cycling along the "Avenue of the Giants". Old highway beautifully decorated with massive redwoods.

Cycled past the Seatle to San Francisco charity riders, which I have frequently been accused of being part of. All camping in the campground I was shooting for.

Very roughly there were 2hrs of daylight left (i had to ask someone the time), so I pushed on. I was hoping tomorrow I could reach Port Bragg, now I need to reach it before the bike shops close.

Camera battery almost flat again.

More incredible riding through the redwoods glowing in the late afternoon light.

Philipseville motel had no vacancy.

Back on highway 101, a freeway without shoulder, and sun setting.

Did some manouvers of questionable legality to try the motel/RV park at the Redway turnoff. $29 (+ tax) for a campsite!!

Made it to Garberville after 7:30 (not sure really), failing light. Very lucky to find a bed.

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