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Journal for 22-Sep : Big Sur

Bloody long flight to Bangkok. No-one allowed off the plane. With the aircon off it got hotter and even smellier in the cabin.

Finally drifted off to sleep on the leg to Singapore, only to be woken by someone plonk a plate of food in front of me.

Flight delayed into Singapore. The whole airport had been closed earlier in the day,not sure why. Another tight connection, but my SingAir flight was delayed waiting for them to finish loading baggage, my bike no doubt.

Great early start, got nearly 20ks of boring urban sprawl riding out of Half Moon Bay done before the sun came up.

Coastal riding along this stretch absolutely magnificent! Great tailwind, and great scenery. This coast is on about a par with the NSW coast (maybe not quite that good).

Last 30ks into Santa Cruz shrouded in fog.

Got lost, made a terrible guidebook reading blunder, and wasted 45 min riding a ~7-8km loop in Santa Cruz.

Busy local road on the way out of town, great back roads there after.

Traffic in the 1 unbelievable around Moss Landing. Back road detours through lettuce farming country, with huge teams of Mexicans harvesting by hand.

No time to shop, stop (for anything other than a piss).

Had to stop for a mechanical problem. Not mine, but another tourist had a badly out of true rear wheel.

Headwind into Monterey, mostly on bike path.

Changed flight home in Monterey Hotel lobby.

Heaps of traffic leaving Monterey. Road eventually returned to cliff hugging, vista spewing roller coaster. Magical scenery, but crap (narrow,busy) road for cycling.

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