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Journal for 20-Aug : Tok (pronounced Toke)

Did my washing, bought a phone card, called home (sort of "hello, nice to talk to you, my 5 Euro's worth of time is almost .... beep - beep - beep" ), walked around the village and the campground.

A very nice spot.

Set alarm clock for 4:30am. Bloody cold (<5C). Wasted an hour trying to put my riding clothes on without taking me sleeping clothes off, without leaving my sleeping bag.

Great morning, and great riding, despite the cold and lack of sleep. Mentassa Pass, which I thought was still ahead of me had been conquered the previous day without realising it.

Stopped to photograph moose grazing in a pond by the road.
Made it past the lolly pop nazi before they started work, so I got to ride the dreaded 21 Miles of roadworks. Turned out to be great hardpack, and I rode most of it at >25kph after letting down the tyres.
Free internet at gift shop (yes :-)),with any purchase (no :-(). Looked around then bought a hot chocolate (a mocha actually, which I've just learned is pronounced "mow-ka" here in Tok/Toke).
Moved to visitor's centre, Fell asleep watching video of Alcan highway. Awoke to find it raining, and getting colder.

Camp sites incredibly expensive, but bananas still very cheap.

At the ultra expensive grocery store (according to the locals) I bought my favorite medication - Generic Immodium - in a 400 dose bottle for less than a box of 12 costs in Goulburn.

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