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Journal for 29-Apr-2004 : Yosemite NP

A late start for us (9:30is, too cold before that) but no American seems to get moving before lunch time. It was another freezing night, and I managed to keep Linda awake for most of it as I tossed and turned, tore and churned at our micro -bed.

We did a fantastic walk through the upper valley to Vernal Falls (where we nearly drowned in the waterfall's spray) then on to the base of Nevada Falls.

Again, the scenery and the brilliant fine sunny weather were just breathtaking.

One the way down were were pestered by a squirrel obviously very used to successfully begging for food from the tourists. He tried to run up my leg to
get at my empty muesli bar wrapper.

Extraordinarily ordinary hamburgers for lunch. Won't do that again.

Lazed about it the afternoon sun reading the surprisingly entertaining local rag called “The Wall St Journal”.

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