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Journal for 30-Apr-2004 : Merced

Another very cold night, but this time I did the smart thing and slept inside rather than just under my sleeping bag.

Fantastic descent down the Yosemite Valley, getting a cameo of the sights, sounds and smells we encountered on the way up.

At Briceburg we started climbing out of th valley and over Maripossa Pass to (surprisingly) Maripossa. With the known climbing out of the way we staretd on the climbing we didn't know about. The SH140 was narrow and very busy for much of the run from Maripossa to Merced. I was hammering away into a stiff headwind to get us off this awful road as quickly as possible. Just as well as it turned out to be 20ks further today than we were expecting.

In fact, we think we climbed more than 1000m *again* today, but ended up 1200m lower than we started.

At Planada we chatted with the ex-pat Chinese couple who ran the local hardware shop where we purchased a much needed map. They were quite impressed by our journey to date. Back roads into Merced were nice and quiet, but we rode them at some tempo in an effort to get to the AAA (and get our next series of maps) before they closed for the weekend.

We've endured quite a few dog attacks in the USA. You can tell the serious chasers from the ones which are all bark by whether or not they head for their gate, or the fence line. A giant Labrador started barking and chasing us, but showed no interest in going around the fence keeping him in, and us out. Instead, with one mighty bound he leapt the fence and resumed his chase at speed, and we resumed our ride about three times faster than usual!

Dinner at Denny's Diner, again.

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