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Journal for 8-May-2004 : Greenville

Left Quincy a bit late feeling rather tired. California Highway 70 a bit busier that we'd like, but mostly downhill to the 89 turnoff.

Amazing railroad engineering as the Union Pacific wound, tunneled and bridged it's way up the Spanish Ck and Indian Falls valleys. These lightly forested steep sloped valleys are quite incredible.

Someone passed us the opposite way, turned around, overtook us, then stopped in front of us. Barclay and his wife Susanne are keen local cyclists who invited us to their place for lunch. They live in a magnificent flat pastured valley surrounded by forested hill and in the distance snow capped mountains. It has to be the most beautiful spot for a home this side of Tura Beach.

Barclay and Susanne are wonderful people and we spent the afternoon chatting about cycling and traveling as Barclay and I fixed their local area network. (Note to my ex-clients: stop gnashing your teeth, we really did fix it!). Lunch became dinner, we still haven't left yet. Thanks guys, it was the best day we've spent in North America so far, and will be very hard to top.

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