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Journal for 28-June-2004 : Miami

Slept in again, and had to wait around for the supermarket to open for breakfast. Not a good start to hero day.

Good tailwind riding for most of the first two hours, then great tailwind riding after we made a 20k due south course correction which was anything but great tailwind stuff.

Cycled past Pelican Lake. Very nice (and nice looking camp grounds too), but no pelicans, just a hill to climb. Not a big hill, just a very novel one!

We saw quite a few of the most terrifying creatures in North America dead on the road today. Skunks. We haven't seen any living ones yet, but every so often we see the trail of something smaller than a coyote and larger than a prairie dog scurry away from our speeding wheels.

The blue sky has a steely hazy quality this morning, suggesting it was going to be a genuinely warm day. And it was! Every Manatobin we spoke to was thrilled that after 11 and a half long months, summer has finally arrived.

After a brilliantly straight downhill we rolled off the prairies and onto the lush fertile plains of the Pembina valley. Made it to Miami, a really nice well maintained little town with beautiful gardens and public spaces.

We were contemplating riding on, but we met Peter, a Swiss cycle tourist who is completing 2 years (yes, two years!) cycling the Americas, starting in Argentina and finishing in Canada. He gave a very discouraging report on the quality of the trans Canada in Ontario. Instead we camped with Peter and exchanged stories.

Peter had also toured Australia in 1996, and made headlines (I never saw them though) when cycling at night across the Nullabor he crashed into a red kangaroo breaking three ribs and puncturing a lung. (I'll find his web site and put in our links page next chance I get).

Thousands of mosquitoes emerged at dusk, along with teenagers skateboarding. We disappeared into our tent.

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