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Journal for 29-June-2004 : Altona

We planned a short day today. Took a while to pack up camp, soaking up the sun's warmth and feeling pretty lazy. A mix of fast tailwind (and a touch downhill) riding east and more slower riding with a cross wind south.

Moreden a beautiful town decorated by hanging flower gardens. Actually I vegged out, Linda read everything about where we're going and a fair bit about where we've been too. Warm (>30C) sunny day again today, and apparently all the local teenagers were hanging out down the beach (by the creek), bar one, the poor guyh manning the tourist info centre. We vegged out n the tourist info centre.

Decided to ride on to Winkler, which from the maps looked to have a cinema as well as some nice parks. A few minutes flying down the freeway which likes Moreden and Winkler and we were at a pretty ugly looking highway town. The park and camping area was OKish, but almost as full of RVs as the municipal swimming pool was of local kids.

So we rode on to Altona. More fast riding once we got onto the right heading (that took about 30 minutes). After that it was 35kph if we pedaled properly and 30kph if we didn't bother.

Altona also a nice little town. Quite happy to plan a rest day here, even if the Internet isn't available in our room.

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