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Journal for 15-July-2004 : White River

Beautiful sunny morning with a steely haze in the sky suggesting it was going to be a warm one.

Really nice riding for the first hour or two, with slowly increasing traffic and trucks. Lots of trees and lakes, no wind and a beaming sun made this a wonderful morning. Even the mines and paper mills looked impressive, reflected in the still lake waters. Our course is taking us inland away from Lake Superior.

Break by a lake very pleasant. This lake smells nice enough to drink. Riding still nice and quick through undulating terrain as we dodged the odd flurry of trucks. This road is surprisingly quiet a lot of the time, and pretty well made for most of it too, if a touch narrower than around Lake Superior.

Lunch down a sandy track in a clearing which we curiously found was once paved.

Got to White River rather early for today. Nice not to be totally whacked out by the end of the day, but I still don't have any decent jokes for this monologue.

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