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Journal for 16-July-2004 : Wawa

Threatening clouds greeted us this morning, but the rain held off and we enjoyed some fast riding over the gentle(ish) undulations through more forest and past more shimmering sparkling pristine lakes. Canada can be so repetitive!

First session of riding laster 65ks, the most we've done for quite a while. Eventually we stopped up a track and fed our pet black flies on our blood while we fed ourselves with bananas.

We made the short climb up to Wawa at lunch time, then we rolled down to the post office to collect our mail. The nice lady at the post office was expecting me.

Lunch at the town beach by the lake, watching the locals splashing about like this was 2m surf. It was bright and sunny by now, and warmer than 25C, but still to cold for us Aussies to go swimming. We seemed to have outrun the early rain, but we could see some serious storms brewing as we soaked up the rays.

Lots of French (I think) being spoken in the supermarket. We are getting closer to Quebec.

Massive thunderstorm dumped down for twenty minutes, just after we found an elcheapo roof for tonight.

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