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Journal for 28-05-2007 : LAX

Cycled into Campbelltown for some munchies and bubble wrap.

Just missed train, but had to wait 1hr at airport for the checkins to open. Once open, I got my bike box and repacked it and my luggage, a bit too hastily. Found myself left with just one riding glove!

Very long flight. Did not sleep a wink.

Took bus to Santa Monica. Chatted to Chinese New Zealander. Memorial Day holiday today, so the beach & pier were packed.

Nearly fell asleep on the bus back to LAX. Erratic driving enough to stop me dropping off.

Checked into Swiss with the 3am groggies. Couldn't find my luggage tags at checkin (didn't know I needed them).

"Washed" in air side airport toilet.

Slept 30 min on departure lounge floor.

Finally on way to Switzerland. As the flight progressed, the amount of English vs German spoken changed. Most announcements were in English, Deutsch & French, which made them particularly long.

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