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Journal for 29-05-2007 : Zürich

Crappy seat up the back. Slept a bit more until woken by the mother of the young woman sitting to my right, seemingly yelling at her. They were organising a seat swap, and she was replaced by a massive man over 6' tall and almost as wide. Too uncomfortable to sleep much after that. 7hrs into the flight my knee was hurting (my leg had to bent inwards into the available space). Spent 2hrs standing outside the toilets, stretching my legs.

Arrived super sleep deprived at the ultra efficient Zürich Airport. Thanks to the magic of airline time travel, touched down right after breakfast was served, at 4pm local time.

Everything wet and miserable.

Bike arrived in one piece. Stressed out severely when told my other bag with tools, spares, clothes, accommodation (tent) etc... was missing.

Major hassles getting bike onto the free hotel shuttle bus. Despite the circumstances I managed to remain calm and used (of all things) charm to get my "free" lift.

Really worried about my things, but crashed out asleep at hotel anyway.

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